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Crypto games are all over the internet! The possibility of earning while playing continues to attract millions of users over numerous crypto gaming platforms almost daily.
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Besides, even if you aren’t into gaming, you could make some quick bucks in your spare time via these crypto games. Some of the best crypto games in South Africa increase your earning potential by up to 2x with their generous rewarding scheme.

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So continue reading as we explore the top eight games that you could get started with today.

Crypto Games South Africa- Overview

2024 is the year of crypto games. With the innovation of Blockchain in gaming, today, we have unmatched opportunities to earn while we enjoy our favourite pastime. Currently, crypto games have evolved into a full-time career for many. 

However, when scrolling the list of best crypto games in 2024, you’ll face difficulty finding games with better potential. So to help you better, we’ve curated a list of the eight top crypto games in South Africa.

Continue reading as we get into the details of these crypto games in the following sections. 

Your capital is at risk.

Best Crypto Games (list)

  1. Tamadoge – Battle of the doge. 
  2. Battle Infinity – Fantasy sports to the next level. 
  3. Lucky Block – Best crypto game to try your luck. 
  4. Space Misfits – Unlock your space journey.
  5. The Sandbox – Platform of endless possibilities.
  6. Axie Infinity – The #1 play-to-earn crypto game. 
  7. Silks – Innovation in crypto games. 
  8. Decentraland – The future of digital real estate. 

8 Best Crypto Games 2024 – A Closer Look



Topping our list of the best crypto games in South Africa is Tamadoge, one of the latest entrants into the play-to-earn sector. This upcoming game is developed on the legacy of the doge memes and revolves around the concept of NFT pets. 

Gamers signing up for this platform are introduced to a pet-raising ecosystem. Here, they can raise, feed, or mint their pets (presented as NFTs). However, if you fail to care for your pet correctly, they might turn to Tamaghost. 

Each doge pet has its own stats, weaknesses, and strengths, influencing how the puppy will turn out as an adult dog. In addition, once these pets have reached a certain level, players can participate in different battles (upcoming in the project’s roadmap) and win the native TAMA tokens. 

These tokens can later be used to nurture your pet and rise on the leaderboards. Or you could also use the TAMA tokens to mint more NFT pets and purchase accessories to support their growth and increase individual strengths. 

Apart from the gaming perspective, the Tamdadoge project is more than a meme-based trend. This game resolves the ‘affordability’ factor, one of the prominent problems every gamer faces over cryptocurrency games

Overall, it’s a great initiative to introduce affordable crypto games in 2024 and ensure a great gaming experience. Not to forget, the deflationary nature of the TAMA project aims at creating a gaming ecosystem that is affordable and fun to play. 

TAMA is currently available to purchase through the Tamadoge presale event. Once this is over, the tokens will hen be listed on exchanges. Investing before exchange listings is a great way to maximize returns.

Your capital is at risk.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity

Next, we have Battle Infinity, one of the ‘coolest’ crypto games in South Africa. This project is a multiplayer play-to-earn game that leverages the unique concept of sports betting while integrating the idea of decentralization. This ambitious metaverse platform enables gamers to access up to six Battle Arenas via an NFT pass.  

Developed over the concept of the Binance Smart Chain, Battle Infinity allows players to interact with each other in the virtual battle arena. Upon winning, participants of the battle are rewarded in IBAT tokens (the platform’s primary token), which they can use in the in-game marketplace or swap for tradable assets. 

In addition, the tokens they win by playing this cryptocurrency game can be spent on developing NFT-based characters. Among the numerous items that can be brought, sold, or traded, the purchase items also include aesthetic kits for the players’ avatars. 

This way, the platform develops an autonomous secondary marketplace for users to either mint or sell digital art pieces or trade for in-game items. The Battle Market adds value to the different characters in this play-to-earn crypto game

Users can also purchase players to assemble and create teams with different combinations to increase their chances of winning. Besides, they also have the option to purchase additional IBAT tokens over the Battle Swap platform. 

Overall, the unique perspective of the game allows gamers to enjoy it at different levels. Plus, with the option to purchase and invest in the IBAT tokens, Battle Infinity is among the popular South African crypto games.    

Your capital is at risk.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block

Next on our list of the top picks for crypto games in South Africa in 2024 is Lucky Block. It’s yet another innovative play-to-earn crypto game that integrates the concept of decentralized lottery and gaming. The idea of the Lucky Block revolves around introducing a lottery platform where all participants are winners. 

Developed over BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Lucky Block focuses on introducing fairness and transparency to online gaming, making it unique from several other legacy systems. Much of the platform’s appeal revolves around its daily prize draws that have been ongoing since May 2024. 

Users signing up for the platform will get a chance to win jackpots worth a significant amount every day. What’s more? The game also has a prize pool amounting to $2.2 million. Users can participate in the prize pool by purchasing a ticket for $5 using LBLOCK (the platform’s native token).

Interestingly, investors who have accumulated LBLOCK and integrated their wallets into the Lucky Block platform stand a chance to win a free ticket to the pool draw. This draw also dovetails with the benefits of the NFT collection held by the cryptocurrency game

The ownership of these NFTs further adds to the gamer’s benefits by giving them a lifetime entry to exclusive NFT prize draws. 

Note: The NFT prize draws aren’t directly associated with the main draws, increasing the user’s chances of winning two jackpots daily. 

Your capital is at risk.

Space Misfits

Space mIsfits

Space Misfits is one game currently under the radar of many gamers. The unique elements of this game make it another honourable mention on our list of South African crypto games. It is based on a ‘play to earn’ model and offers a great opportunity for gamers to start earning with minimal to zero investments.  

This online multiplayer started as a simple space game that continues to add unique gameplay elements to its roadmap. Gamers spending their time over the Space Misfits universe will find themselves in a 3rd person’s POV where they can choose a specific play style. 

Adding to the user experience, Space Misfits also allows gamers to create their own role-play ecosystem with the necessary skills that match their characters. Here, the game’s main theme is to compete and collect resources from different universes, increasing your fleet strength. 

Based on the Enjin Blockchain protocol, this game introduces a new angle to tokenomics. The platform rewards its players in BITS (the in-game token for Space Misfits). Apart from that, you can also earn the in-game token by completing different tasks and progressing through the game, only to invest the remainder in your fleet or exchange them for fiat money.

Overall, the easy-on-the-eye graphics and interfaces give this play-to-earn crypto game a wider reach. As a result, it’s a popular option among younger and older audiences. 

78% of retail investor accounts lose money when investing in crypto games. 

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

You can’t miss out on the Sandbox when curating a list of the popular cryptocurrency games. However, the platform is more than a game; it’s an immersive pixel-based metaverse project and an exciting GameFi token project that creates virtual worlds and allows gamers to monetize their gaming experiences. 

The platform offers a variety of different games to choose from. Once onboard, users can choose between The Walking Dead Land and Summer Jam Land options. Apart from the platform’s many games, the Polygon Sidechain powering Sandbox also allows users to create their custom games. 

Players involved in the Sandbox games must complete quests created by the community or participate in different events to earn the SAND token (Sandbox’s in-platform token). Or, they could also ‘farm’ tokens limited to the games inside the platform. 

The Sandbox functions over its individual standalone builder VoxEdit. It allows users to design and sell in-game items as NFTs (ERC-1155 tokens) in the market. But, before it is available for sale, the Sandbox community must vote on the assets. 

Apart from the multitude of games and the possibilities of creating one, users can buy digital plots of land. However, their limited supply makes them scarce, continually appreciating their value over time. Beyond digital real estate, gamers can also participate in active trading over the Sandbox marketplace and customise their in-game avatars. 

Overall, the multitude of possibilities over Sandbox makes it one of the best play-to-earn crypto games in the industry. 

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when investing in crypto games in 2024. So plan long-term crypto investments with NFT apps wisely and ensure you can afford such high risks to your investment.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity

No list of best crypto games is complete without mentioning Axie Infinity, the first-ever successful play-to-earn game in the industry. The game aligns with the concept of Pokemon, possibly the most engaging game of all time. 

Its ecosystem revolves around the concept of a monster-breeding RPG where gamers raise their ‘Axie’ pets. Pet owners in the game can participate in several gaming models like Quest, PVP (Player vs Player), and Adventure. 

Since each Axie is an NFT with its unique design and traits, players can breed two different pets after they’ve reached a certain level. The winners of the game are entitled to earn rewards in the $SLP (Smooth Love Potion) potion (digital coin used to pay in-game breeding fees). Or, you could also avail such features using the AXS token (Axie Infinity’s digital coin). 

However, today Axie Infinity is no longer a game; it’s an ever-expanding ecosystem that continues to grow through its early stages and is entirely functional over the Ethereum-based ‘Ronin’ sidechain. 

In addition, since the game continues to grow, there are regular updates on its future milestones. The current updates around the game include multiple land-based gameplay and community-made games, which were initially sold out and can now be bought via secondary marketplaces.

Today, Axie Infinity is more than a standard cryptocurrency game as it continues to attract over 2.5 million gamers regularly. The high customer attraction, increased demand, and deflationary game model make it one of the best South African crypto games.

Your money is at risk.



Next on our list of the best crypto games, we have Silks, the world’s first derivatives-based play-to-earn crypto game. Similar to Battle Infinity, this game brings the idea of integrating thoroughbred horse racing with Blockchain and decentralisation. However, the platform does it primarily with the help of derivatives.

The game’s design leverages derivatives to track real-world BTC prices and speculate its future prices using leverage. The best part? They don’t have to own any token. But it requires players to acquire a Silks Avatar NFT to get started. 

Users signing up for the Silks platform become part of a virtual world where they can experience the responsibility and thrill of owning a thoroughbred racehorse. The digital avatars in Silks present individual owners of different racehorses inside the metaverse. 

Besides including real-world elements, the platform also includes the economy’s different aspects surrounding horse racing. For example, users can participate in different races to earn the STT (Silk platform’s token offering), access trades, and initiate horse breeding. 

Avatars of the Silk Genesis were launched earlier this year in April and were quick to top the all-time list as the #15 best-selling ETH Sports NFT on OpenSea. Overall, while the game is only a few months old, the great potential behind the project makes it one of the best crypto games in 2024


Your money is at risk.



When talking about cryptocurrency games that connect you with the Metaverse, Decentraland is among the ones to top the list. It was initially released as a 2D game in 2015 but later evolved into a 3D virtual world open to the community and builders on the platform. 

Per the gaming aspect of the platform, users can participate in multiple indie games developed by several gamers and developers over Decentraland. Here, users can choose among thousands of universes and experience unique gameplay in every one of them. 

Depending on the type of game, users are rewarded in either the in-game economy (MANA) or get NFTs. In addition, users can explore among the dozens of use cases present over the Decentraland platform. The platform is known for hosting conference centres, ART exhibitions, and every possible event.

Besides the game and the NFT rewards, it’s the digital land that makes Decentraland one of the industry’s most talked about play-to-earn crypto games. With over 90,601 land plots on the platform, Decentraland has also shaped itself as a virtual real-estate provider.  

Overall, the unique investment and earning prospects make Decentraland a great option on our list of South Africa crypto games you could get started with. 

Your money is at risk.

How To Invest In Tamadoge?

Now that you’ve had a brief idea of the different play-to-earn crypto games available, you might want to consider investing. Here’s how to invest in our recommended crypto game, Tamadoge.

Step 1: Create a Crypto Wallet

The first step to investing in Tamadoge is to create a crypto wallet (considering you don’t have one). You can visit any top wallets to get started, although we recommend using MetaMask for its multi-chain support. 


So head to the MetaMask app, click on download and fill in the necessary information to successfully create your wallet for online transactions.  

Step 2: Buy ETH from Binance

how to buy NFT tokens with Binance

Since the Tamadoge platform is based on Ethereum, buying ETH tokens would be the next step toward TAMA ownership. So once you are ready with your crypto wallet, search for the list of possible exchanges to purchase ETH. 

But since the market is already flooded with different, high-charging exchanges, we suggest you buy ETH from Binance. The exchange is pocket-friendly, transparent, and has a clean, simple UI. 

Step 3: Deposit ETH into Crypto Wallet

Once you’ve initiated a purchase and the exchange has provided you with a wallet link, the next step would be to deposit the token into your crypto wallet. Next, you must copy your MetaMask wallet’s public address and transfer the funds to do the same. 

Step 4: Connect the crypto wallet to the Tamadoge Presale

In the fourth step, you must connect your MetaMask wallet with the ongoing TAMA pre-sale. Then, you only need to visit the official Tamadoge’s ongoing pre-sale and press the ‘Buy’ button. 

Once done, the next step would be to click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ option and select ‘MetaMask’ among the list of suggested providers. 

Step 5: Swap ETH for TAMA

Pancake swap

After you’ve successfully followed the steps mentioned above, the final act would be to swap your ETH for TAMA over a simple click. 

As the token is still in the presale phase of its development, you will not receive your tokens until the event has ended. After this, TAMA will appear automatically in your MetaMask wallet.

Your capital is at risk.

What Are Crypto Games?

Although the idea of virtual game currency is not new, the possibilities of integrating decentralization and Blockchain have given way to a new way of gaming. This new concept, termed ‘crypto games,’ has allowed developers to incorporate real-world economics into their games.

Today, users are no longer interested in playing for pleasure. Instead, they want to exchange their time worth for compensation. This revolutionized way of gaming is what we know as the ‘play-to-earn’ model today.

Here, users have complete control of their winnings (crypto tokens or NFTs), and they have the option to convert these in-game digital tokens into stable coins. These digital assets can later be converted to fiat money or traded on crypto exchanges for another token.

By participating in and winning cryptocurrency games, players can acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or some form of crypto token, which become the player’s personal property.  

Are Crypto Games a Good Investment In 2024?

2024 has been the year of cryptocurrency games. Numerous companies with huge potential are backing these new-age projects. Additionally, today we have several online games that attract over a million players practically every day.

The reason is simple, the core fundamentals and the tokens backing these games have great value in the current market. In addition, since the popularity of the game determines its prices, the chances of better returns increase significantly. 

The idea behind crypto games has introduced a fresh breath into the investment sectors. Considering that the crypto gaming industry is worth $175 million today, many investors are looking for entry into the industry. 

Can You Earn Crypto Through Gaming?

Thanks to the introduction of P2E gaming platforms like Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and Silks, today, we have numerous platforms where users get something significant for their invested time. Over the last few years, the onset of these games has attracted millions of users who spend several hours on these platforms every day. 

This, in turn, has become a great way of earning some side income over time. Not to forget, today, we also have full-time professional gamers who are building their careers out of crypto gaming. So yes, it is possible to earn via crypto gaming. 

Crypto Games South Africa- Conclusion

Crypto games are on the rise! Today, with the launch of new and improved games introducing innovative gameplay, we have better chances of increasing our revenues while enjoying these games. 

Besides, now that you know the top crypto games in South Africa, which games would you try or invest in? 

Your capital is at risk.


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