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Anyone interested in the gaming industry has probably noticed the recent attention it has been receiving. The new generation of NFT games has put an end to the long-standing ‘purchase-to-play’ model. They have introduced a world of change with new opportunities for investors who initially missed out on the crypto evolution. So, whether you’re a gamer or an investor, keep reading as we look at the best NFT games in South Africa that you can invest in.

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Best NFT Games South Africa Overview

The hype surrounding NFT games is unrivalled. With the introduction of ‘decentralisation’ and Blockchain into the gaming industry, gamers have become savvier in their approach and time spent in the virtual world.

Today, games have become more than just a source of entertainment. The once pixelated user experience is now evolved into a platform for rewards and prizes that can be converted into fiat currency. 

But finding the ideal crypto game with better earning potential is not easy. The market is populated with several NFT games, leaving you perplexed about which to choose. So, to assist you further, we’ve compiled a list of the best NFT games in South Africa, so you don’t have to do the legwork. 

Let’s take a look at them in the following sections of this blog.

Your capital is at risk. 

Best NFT Games South Africa- List

  1. Battle Infinity: One of the most popular upcoming NFT games to try
  2. Tamadoge: Platform that innovates P2E NFT games
  3. The Sandbox: New age revolution for creative gamers 
  4. Axie Infinity: NFT game that set a benchmark
  5. CryptoKitties: Best NFT games to get started

Best NFT Games South Africa- Reviewed

Battle Infinity 

When talking of the best NFT games in South Africa, you can’t miss out on Battle Infinity, the game that revolves around fantasy sports gaming. It blends several elements of entertainment and investment, creating a platform that is suitable from both gamers’ and investors’ perspectives. 

Per its creators, Battle Infinity introduces the concept of crypto and decentralization in the growing fantasy sports industry. The game focuses on creating an ecosystem by connecting six different platforms where users can develop their sports teams to participate in the ‘IBAT Premier League.’  

Winners of the tournament are rewarded with the IBAT token (the platform’s primary token). In addition, since all the players in the ecosystem are designed as NFTs, Battle Infinity also becomes a place for running a self-sustaining secondary marketplace.

Besides its scope for gaming, investors can consider selecting the IBAT token for its unique value proposition. This BEP-20 token has been among the highest sellers in its pre-sale phase (selling out within 24 days). Currently,  the token is available for pre-sale until the NFT game reaches its hard cap or till 10th October.

Overall, every component of the Battle Infinity gaming ecosystem and its upcoming roadmap make it a reliable investment to consider.

The IBAT token can be bought through PancakeSwap or LBANK. To do this, you will first need to purchase BNB.

Your capital is at risk. 



Tamadoge is another P2E NFT game that could be a valued addition to your portfolio or gaming setup. The idea behind this NFT game is to introduce an augmented reality ecosystem where users can be in the same environment where they interact with their pets. 

Tamadoge revolves around basic pet keeping, where owners can feed, raise, or mint their pet. Once these pets have reached a certain level of growth, they can participate in battles and get rewarded in TAMA tokens. But if their owners fail to care for their pets, it may also turn into a Tamaghost!

Besides, per the project blueprint, gamers will have access to secondary marketplaces to buy pet care products to boost their growth levels. Another feature of this unique crypto game is its NFT integration. Tamadoge allows players to add their NFTs into the game’s ecosystem by using a layered and integrated 3D model.

The unique game, the powerful business model, and the massive engagement make it a sound investment. The TAMA token revolves around a deflationary style where the value of the tokens will increase via decreased supply over time.  

So if you’re an investor looking for an opportunity in some of the best NFT Games in South Africa, the TAMA token might give you a good start. The token’s limited supply to just two billion (and the deflationary model) make it a good prospect. In addition, the developers have split the funds into three different pools.

The limited token supply and unique gaming concept make Tamadoge one of the best NFT games. You can buy TAMA by taking part in the presale event, which is expected to end in October 2022.

Your capital is at risk.  

The Sandbox


The Sandbox is another leading NFT game to buy or stay invested in. The idea behind this game is to allow users to create characters who will later craft and develop the required assets to survive in the blocky Metaverse.

From a gamer’s POV, the no programming experience over the Sandbox platform unlocks new possibilities. Here, every owner is the sole proprietor of the digital assets they develop in this Metaverse. Besides its unique gaming experience, digital real estate makes The Sandbox famous. 

Gamers entering this Metaverse can participate in fun activities using the in-game ‘SAND’ tokens and earn more coins by completing the listed tasks. In addition, every item the players build can be exchanged for the in-game token at the Sandbox marketplace. 

From an investor’s perspective, they have two unique options when signing for this NFT game to buy on our list. First, you could consider being a part of Sandbox’s real estate industry, as the latest sales reports suggest digital land is a booming sector across the crypto space. 

Or, you could invest in the SAND token currently listed at  $0.957242. The token has a bullish price history and has provided significant returns over the past few months.  

Overall, the different investment options and the massive hype generated by the Sandbox platform make it a valued investment. 

Your capital is at risk.  

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

The fourth option on our list of best NFT games in South Africa is Axie Infinity, the first game to put the play-to-earn concept on the map. This trade-and-battle P2E game introduces users to the world of monster-like pets called ‘Axies.’ In addition, it is the first to introduce the concept of RPG (Role-play Games), heavily influenced by Pokemon.

Users signing up for Axie Infinity have vast possibilities of collecting and raising pets which can later be used for battling other online users. Other features of the Axie Infinity ecosystem revolve around the possibility of breeding among their pets, where each Axie inherits some trait from its parents. 

Axie Infinity also introduces several standard gaming modes like Quest, Adventure, and PVP (Player vs. Player). These quests earn you SLP (Smooth Love Potion), which can be used to level up your pet. Or, you could also be using the in-game AXS token to settle transactions over the platform. You can buy AXS on Binance.

Besides, Axie Infinity is also a good investment from an investor’s perspective. You can purchase the P2E NFT games token (currently at $14.12) to get started. The token has presented strong market movements over the past few months, making it a valued investment in many portfolios.   

The increasing popularity and strong market movements surrounding the Axie Infinity gaming platform make it a suitable investment to get started. 

Your capital is at risk. 



The final option on our list of the best NFT games in South Africa is CryptoKitties. This game is among the first P2E NFT games to be launched in 2017. Inspired by the Tamagotchi game, CryptoKitties allows its users to pet and raise different virtual kittens with the possibilities of breeding. 

Like the other NFT games on our list, every kitten in the CryptoKitties universe is unique and presented as NFTs. What’s more? The unique attributes or ‘cattributes’ tie them down to a generic algorithm that determines their rarity, increasing their price in the marketplace. 

However, unlike other crypto games present on our list, there’s no option for investors to get started with their journey in CryptoKitties. Instead, you can only invest in the game as a gamer by purchasing a pair of kittens to start the game. 

As you progress with their growth, you’ll have the option to breed them and sell these pets based on their rarity. Depending on their rarity and the market demand, these kittens’ prices can range between a few thousand to several hundred dollars. 

Overall, you can only make a profit from this game if you’re invested in it as a gamer. 

Your capital is at risk. 

How To Buy Battle Infinity – Our Top NFT Game

Now that you have an idea of the different NFT games on our list, you might want to consider investing in our top game- Battle Infinity. Here is a quick guide on how to add IBAT tokens to your crypto portfolio. 

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet



The very first thing investors will need before investing in the IBAT token is a crypto wallet. Preferably one compatible with the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) since Battle Infinity is developed over a similar Blockchain. 

However, while many crypto wallets offer BSC compatibility, we suggest you use either MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Both the options have a clean UI to make the purchase smooth and effortless. 

For this guide, we’ll show the steps using the MetaMask wallet. So to get started, visit the MetaMask website and click ‘Download,’ followed by the given instructions to create the wallet.

Step 2: Buy BNB From Binance

how to buy NFT tokens with Binance

Since the IBAT platform is based on a BSC, buying Binance tokens would be your second step towards the token’s ownership. Once you’ve set up your crypto wallet, the next step is to find a reliable exchange to purchase the said token.

Once you get into the list of possible options, you might get confused with the numerous exchanges. Here, we suggest you opt for the Binance exchange platform as it is home to multiple NFT game tokens and simplifies purchases with easy steps and affordable fees. 

Step 3: Deposit BNB into a crypto wallet

Once you have purchased BNB, you will need to deposit the tokens into your MetaMask wallet.

  1. Under the Wallet page, click on the selected crypto token (BNB in this case).
  2. Once done, click under the ‘Wallet Balance’ option in your MetaMask and click ‘Deposit.’
  3. Once the MataMask extension window appears, click ‘Next,’ followed by ‘Connect.’ Once connected, click your desired deposit method.
  4. For the final step, you need to review your destination address and proceed to receive the tokens in your wallet. 

Step 4: Connect crypto wallet to PancakeSwap exchange

After you’ve deposited the required BNB tokens in your wallet, it’s time to swap them for Battle Infinity tokens on PancakeSwap. Here, you need to select the desired number of IBAT tokens you need.

For instance, if you need 2,50,000 IBAT tokens, you must invest 1.5 BNB. Once you’ve finalised the number of tokens, you must complete the purchase. 

Note: IBAT has been recently listed on the PancakeSwap. If you face any troubles while looking for it, try finding it manually. 

Step 5: Swap BNB for IBAT

Pancake swap

The last step in buying the IBAT tokens is manually importing the token’s contract address to your MetaMask wallet. Once done, you’ll be able to access your IBAT holdings. 

After you’ve reached the final step, you need to click ‘Import Tokens’ and enter the contact address where you want the tokens transferred. After the field is populated, you can add custom tokens and swap BNB for IBAT. 

Your capital is at risk. 

What Are NFT Games?

To understand NFT games, we first need to get an idea of what NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are. Per the standard definition, NFTs are digital assets that can be found anywhere in the world. Therefore, they can be easily found across the internet (often in art pieces, memes, or GIFs).

Similarly, NFT games combine the concepts of finance with the gaming industry. This way, this space opens up an entirely new Game-Fi environment that provides multiple earning opportunities to players.

Besides, every NFT presents a unique ownership opportunity to its holders, making it an amazing experience. NFT games are unlike holding crypto-collectibles in your wallet as it uses the digital token to create in-game rules, player interactions, and other mechanisms. 

For example, you could present your in-game character as a unique NFT. Or, you could also be trading with the digital items found inside the game. 

Are NFT Games a Good Investment In 2024 ?

2024 has been a crucial year for NFT games. This year witnessed the launch of many unique projects backed by tokens with massive potential. In addition, games like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and CryptoKitties were all over the internet, attracting over a million users almost daily.

However, while these were instances from the gamer’s POV, we can’t overlook the potential for investments these NFT games have attracted over the years. Today, the crypto gaming industry is a market worth $175 million, attracting more investors than ever. 

Interestingly, many of these NFT games carry the essence of traditional video games, making it an essential factor behind their acceptance. For instance, Axie Infinity, one of Blockchain’s popular P2E games, revolves around a similar “battle and breed” game as the Pokemon, introduced in the 1990s. 

Plus, given how the value of the tokens for these P2E NFT games increases per the popularity of these games, it multiplies the chances of capitalising on your investment. So if you’ve been thinking of investing in any of these crypto games in 2024 , now could be a great entry point. 

Pro Tip: Try investing in upcoming NFT games, as these crypto projects have great potential. For instance, if you can purchase any of the IBAT or TAMA tokens into your portfolio, they’re certain to give increased returns when the projects are live. 

Is Play-to-Earn Gaming Profitable?

‘Play-to-earn’ games are the new mode of NFT gaming. These decentralised games allow players to utilise gameplay for better earning opportunities, capitalising on the hours spent behind the game. Here, players are rewarded for completing different tasks, fighting with other players, or progressing to different game levels. 

The P2E NFT games we have today reward players in the form of NFTs or crypto tokens, such as skins, virtual real estate, and weapons. Since the P2E model is decentralised, gamers can also transfer and trade their assets outside the game. 

The working principle behind the P2E games is simple; players earn cryptos, native tokens, or NFTs as gifts or rewards via different in-game activities. These digital assets can then be exchanged for fiat currencies without relying on the rules and regulations of third parties or publishers.

Now, coming to the primary question, is P2E gaming profitable? Yes, it is. People around the globe are making this game a side hustle due to the huge earning potential that these crypto games carry. Overall, it would be safe to say that NFT games contribute to the modern economy. 

Per some sources, average players in NFT gaming can make a few hundred dollars every month by investing only a couple of hours into their gameplay daily. 

The increased earning potential via these games has also made several gamers give up on their 9-5 jobs, providing them an opportunity to make extra earnings with all the fun of gaming. P2E NFT games have opened an exciting new way for the masses to generate income.

Clearly, crypto gaming is profitable and is shaping the future of work and lifestyle.

What Is The Future Of NFT Games?

With Blockchain hitting the mainstream and the evolution of the Metaverse, it’s evident that we’ll see more gamers attracted to play-to-earn games. Market analysts claim that the entire gaming industry will switch to the play-to-earn model in the next five years, and purchase-to-play will end. 

With people becoming more aware of what they’re trading their time for and the possible reward, NFT games will be the gaming industry’s future. Besides, some experts also believe that we’re not too far away from a future where professional gaming would be a career option. 

Until now, the field for NFT games in South Africa and other parts of the world was only populated by expert gamers. They’ve been making money by streaming their games, hosting watch parties, and other mediums. But with P2E games going mainstream, the necessity of having a ‘gaming skill’ is eliminated. 

Furthermore, since most of these crypto games involve established tokens, it becomes more valuable than non-Blockchain games. Not to forget, there are millions of dollars being pumped into these Blockchain-based games. Such massive investments by industry leaders only indicate a bright future for play-to-earn games.


What is the best NFT game to buy right now?

Per our research, Axie Infinity is among the top NFT games you can buy now. You could either invest your time in the game as a gamer or approach it as an investor. The platform’s AXS token has been a reliable performer in the market and has given considerable returns over time.

Can you earn crypto with NFT games?

Yes, you can earn cryptos with NFT games. The nature of these games allows you to collect skin, weapons, or avatars of your game which can be traded, sold, or exchanged in the relevant crypto token. Later, you can easily convert these tokens into fiat currency.

Can I Invest In NFT Games In South Africa?

Yes, you can invest in multiple NFT games in South Africa. Numerous games will give you significant returns in the country. To help you better, we’ve curated a list of the top games you could invest in as a beginner.

Where to buy NFT games in south africa?

There are multiple places where you can buy NFT games in South Africa. To give you a better idea, here’s a list of all the possible places where you could get started with your favourite P2E games. - Binance - Crypto.com - NFT Marketplaces - LooksRare - DraftKings - Others

Are NFT games legit?

es, most of the NFT games in the market today are legit. However, there are equal chances of you coming across a fake one. Therefore, to ensure you don’t sign up with the fakes, research the project team, read the reviews, check their media engagement, and research their project milestones to stay on the safer side.



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