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Our Mission

The mission of buyshares.co.za is to deliver comprehensive brokerage reviews, trading guides, and stock analysis to help you make better trading decisions. Our team is excited about making it easier for investors to understand and navigate the complex global market. We win when you win, so we’re dedicated to providing the best content possible.

Our Editorial Principles

Behind every article we write, there are five editorial pillar that guide us:

1. We are Independent

Buyshares.co.za is a fully independent organization. There’s no broker or company pulling our strings or telling us what to write about. We decide what to cover and how to cover it. That means that our approach to brokers, stocks, and everything else we analyse is unbiased and honest.

We make money through advertising and affiliate links from brokers we recommend. However, we are not an agent of any recommended broker and our opinions are fully our own. Buyshares.co.z aand our parent company, Finixio, do not have any direct financial interest in the brokers, services, or financial products that we cover.

We don’t pull any punches or sell favorable coverage. Our editorial staff makes all final decisions about whether to recommend a product or service, and we won’t recommend something that we wouldn’t be excited to use or buy ourselves.

2. We are Objective

Independence from third-party interests is critical to our mission because it enables us to be objective. We take a hard look at the services and products we review and don’t airbrush the blemishes. We’re yet to see a broker or stock that’s perfect, so you’ll never hear us give the pros without the cons as well.

Throughout our reviews, we aim to be fair and balanced. Our only interest is in giving you the information you need to make decisions. We also ensure that when we offer information that could be construed as advice, we publish a disclaimer to make clear that every trader is responsible for their own trading decisions.

3. We are Approachable

Buyshares.co.za is a resource for beginner and intermediate traders, not financial gurus with decades of experience on Wall Street. We approach every piece of content with our ideal reader in mind – someone who wants to get into the market but doesn’t know the best place to get started.

In everything we publish, we strive for clarity and practical value. Our experienced team understands what it takes to make complex trading topics accessible to non-experts. Where we believe it will help our readers, we include images or links to third-party sites. Approachability is key to everything we write.

4. We are Accountable

Our goal is to be 100% accurate in everything we write, and we do our best to get close. When we get something wrong, we hold ourselves accountable and publish corrections immediately.

We’re also accountable to our editorial principles and to our privacy policy. If you have any questions or complaints, we encourage you to contact us.

5. We are Dedicated

Buyshares.co.za is here for our readers. Everything we do is driven by you. From broker reviews to stock analysis and the latest news, our number one motivation is to provide actionable, value-driven information that you can use to trade more successfully.

We work with a variety of expert writers who have many years of experience in the finance and investment space, ensuring that everything you read on Buyshares.co.za is accurate, well researched and up-to-date. Our editorial staff also fact-up all the content provided by our contributors, so you can be sure that the news, articles and reviews you read on our website are reliable.

Alan Draper

Alan Draper

Alan is an experienced financial writer who is an expert on the stock market.

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