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The crypto market has expanded by 10x over the last few years. Every now and then, we come across a project that promises to solve some complexity of the Blockchain platform. However, as the market expands, there’s been a growing gap in the accurate analysis of these digital assets.

Interestingly, this is where Dash 2 Trade, a unique ecosystem, comes into the picture. The platform is a powerhouse for crypto trading as it comes with all the tools and features required by traders for success in the journey. 

This guide lists out the details on how to buy Dash 2 Trade crypto while it’s still in its presale. Continue reading as we walk through the fine details of the project in the following sections. 

How To Buy Dash 2 Trade South Africa 2024 – Step by Step

Dash 2 Trade introduces us to a unique approach to crypto trading. The platform is all set to become one of the best projects of 2024. Interestingly, many analysts suggest that D2T might take over the positions of ETH and XRP in the coming years. 

Those looking to buy Dash 2 Trade in South Africa should follow this quick tutorial. So continue reading the details as we give you an overview of how to purchase D2T tokens from the ongoing presale. 

Step 1: Purchase ETH from eToro


To get started, you must first sign up with a crypto exchange. This platform will be your go-to option for purchasing crypto tokens. 

However, considering that you’re a beginner, we’ve cited the example of eToro in our tutorial below. eToro’s reliable, beginner-friendly approach to the trading makes it one of the best options to get started. 

Sign up for eToro

etoro sign up

Signing up with eToro is the first step to get started. So once you’re on the website, select the Start Investing tab and enter your information on the next page. Once there, you just require your login, password, and email address at this time. After you’ve successfully entered the details, select ‘Create Account.’

Once you’ve successfully registered with eToro, it’s time to verify yourself to begin trading. To do the same, you need to maintain compliance with the KYC and AML standards. So once you’ve logged into your registered account, submit the necessary data, including the name on the government-issued ID, trading objectives, and trading history.

Deposit funds

Deposit funds to your eToro account

After the verification procedure is complete, you must deposit it into your account. Interestingly, eToro allows you to pay in various ways, including credit or debit cards, bank wire transfers, and online wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Note: You must deposit a minimum of $10 or the equivalent in South African Rand. However, you can also invest more if needed. 

Search for ETH

The next step is to look for ETH in the eToro marketplace. Once you have found the ticker symbol, it’s time to select the number of tokens that you’d want to acquire. 

Execute order

The final step is to execute your order and confirm the transaction. Once done, your eToro wallet will highlight the equivalent of ETH in your wallet. 

Step 2: Move ETH from eToro wallet to MetaMask wallet 

In the second stage, you must move your ETH funds from eToro to MetaMask to participate in the presale. To do the same, you must link the wallets by adding your public address in MetaMask. 

Step 3: Open the exchange website

Once you have the ETH funds in your MetaMask wallet, it’s time to go to the exchange’s website and link your MetaMask wallet to the presale. 

Step 4: Buy D2T with ETH

In the final step, you need to enter the amount of D2T tokens that you’d like to purchase. After you’ve successfully followed all the steps, you’ll receive D2T tokens after the end of the presale. 

While this wraps up our knowledge on how to buy Dash 2 Trade crypto, you can’t invest in any project without getting an idea of it first. So to help you with the same, we’ve explored the project’s fundamentals and other unique concepts in the following sections. 

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

What Is Dash 2 Trade?


Volatility has been a determining factor for the crypto industry. It provides an excellent opportunity for traders to multiply their investments by up to 100x. However, the problem is that determining such entry points is a matter of solid analysis that pricey analytical tools can only conduct. Interestingly, this is where Dash 2 Trade enters as a pioneering platform that simplifies analysis and research needs for crypto traders. 

As per its whitepaper, Dash 2 Trade focuses on developing an ecosystem for traders of every type. It empowers users with powerful technical indicators backed by the possibilities of backtesting, strategy building, auto trading, and other social trading features that will allow investors to make informed decisions. This will ultimately amplify their overall returns. 

Interestingly, the project doesn’t just limit there. Dash 2 Trade also plans to introduce a scoring system that allows investors to manually assess crypto presale projects based on their fundamentals, community engagement, and overall utility. This would enable investors to pick the best projects and benefit from the early mover’s factors. 

The project is owned and powered by Learn 2 Trade, one of the leading crypto education platforms with over 70,000+ members in its ecosystem. Additionally, the website highlights that its in-house D2T tokens are audited and KYC-verified by SolidProof.io and Coinsniper, respectively. 

Finally, with the platform already running its presale event, now might be the best time to buy D2T. However, before you look for how to buy dash2trade crypto, it’s early to know the critical features that back the project. So let’s understand them in the following section. 

Dash 2 Trade Key Features

Thanks to its unique features, Dash 2 Trade has witnessed immense success since it was introduced as a concept. The project’s success was visible during its presale event, where D2T raised over 350k during the first 12 hours. 

Keeping the same in mind, let’s look at the core features before you buy Dash 2 Trade in South Africa.

✔️Unique Social Indicators

The social indicators are one of the most engaging features of the Dash 2 Trade platform. This unique aspect of the platform allows traders and analysts to provide social and on-chain analysis insights. 

Users can leverage the function to get an insight into the significant price movements of any specific crypto they wish to keep an eye on. The tool breaks down price movements based on the social media engagement of the project’s developers, the overall market sentiment about an individual crypto asset, and the pace of development of the project. 

✔️Scoring Systems For Presales & ICOs

2022 was the year of ICOs! Investors who were a part of successful presale events like Tamadoge and Battle Infinity enjoyed over 100x returns by the time of its listing. Looking at the potential of such unique presale opportunities, Dash 2 Trade came up with a unique scoring system for presales. 

To provide every budding investor with an opportunity to maximise their gains, Dash 2 Trade has introduced a scoring system that would manually assess the key metrics of the upcoming project. Here, the higher the Dash score, the higher the project’s potential to generate massive returns by its IEO. 

✔️Strategy Building & Backtesting

Strategy building is one of the core fundamentals of trading. The better you develop new strategies, the higher your chances of success with a trade. However, as mentioned earlier, analysis often requires premium tools. However, that’s not the case with D2T. 

Once signed up, users can create their strategies over the platform using the unique key metrics for different projects. Additionally, the Backtesting feature allows users to examine the chances of success for their trading strategy. The feature also informs traders of any risk that could affect the devised trading strategy. 

✔️On-Chain Analytics

Getting a proper insight into any cryptocurrency can be a hassle, especially if significant whales back the project. When these big investors make a move, crypto projects show major price movements. This can be a make-or-break move for regular investors, depending on their access to information. 

However, that’s not the case when you’re a Dash 2 Trade user. Its on-chain analysis keeps the traders updated about the overall market movement, alongside the price flow for other major players like Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. The feature flags unusual movements during such times, alerting investors to take action.

✔️Social Trading

The Social trading feature has been at large in the past few months, with many anticipating it as one of the most compelling features of the platform. This unique feature allows traders to analyse the market’s movements based on social trading events and tools, such as a weekly prediction round. 

This would allow D2T users to earn rewards for their predictions. It would also feature AMA for the community, creating a venue for traders of different backgrounds to tap into a wide pool of strategies and earn cryptos. 

Now that we have an idea of the unique features that back the platform let’s look at the tokenomics defining the D2T token. Once done, you’d better know whether or not to buy Dash 2 Trade crypto.

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

D2T Tokenomics

Sitting at the core of all operations over the Dash 2 Trade platform is the D2T token. This Ethereum-based crypto comes with a built-in utility which adds to its value among investors and holders. 

The project has a limited supply of 1,000,000,000 D2T coins in its supply chain. However, only some tokens are available for presale. Here’s an overview of the project’s tokenomics to give you a fair idea of why to buy D2T crypto tokens

  • Public Sale: 66.5% of the total supply.
  • Development Of The Project: 15% of the total supply.

Additionally, Dash 2 Trade has allocated 5% of the total supply, each to Talent Acquisition, Liquidity, and Competition Pool. Lastly, the project has also set aside 3.5% of the total supply for private sale. 

This suggests that nearly $6.65 million D2T tokens were allocated to the presale. However, fast forward to 2023; today, we have less than 15% of the total supply. So if you’re an investor looking to buy Dash 2 Trade in South Africa, now could be the perfect opportunity. 

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

Dash 2 Trade Platform Subscriptions

Unlike other projects, Dash 2 Trade is based on a subscription model where users can choose different tiers based on their expertise. The project begins with a ‘Starter tier‘ where users are required to pay a monthly subscription of 400 D2T, whilst accessing the ‘Premium tier’ would cost a monthly outlay of 1,000 D2T. 

The premium tier of the platform will include features like: 

  • Professional Market Indicators
  • Up to 100 watchlists
  • Discord Trading Competition Channel

Besides, regardless of the chosen tiers, both users will be able to utilise Dash 2 Trade’s core features, including a whale wallet, premier market indicators, Discord trading competition channel, and over 100 watchlists.

Project Roadmap

Dash 2 Trade has divided its 2023 into two significant parts, divided based on quarters. Additionally, their roadmap goes all the way to 2024. So here’s an insight into what lies ahead for the project this year: 

Q1 2023

Demo Launch & Presale

  1. Dashboard Launch and Beta Testing
  2. DEX and CEX Listings for D2T token

Q4 2023 


  1. The platform will analyse its ‘Backtester’
  2. The platform will determine the success of its Risk profiler.
  3. Launch of trading competition feature. 
  4. Trader AMA’s
  5. More CEX partnerships, Integration of the D2T platform

Q2 2023

Auto Trader

  1. Launch of the ‘Auto Trader’ feature.
  2. Trading competition launch
  3. Widgets
  4. Integration with CEX APIs
  5. Academia
  6. Competition launch
  7. Mobile app
  8. Integrating trading strategies with centralised exchanges.

Q4 2023

Social & Copy Trading Functionality

  1. Charting tools
  2. Further CEX listings
  3. D2T Social Trading features
  4. Community feedback features

Looking at its roadmap, the project will have a better market position, and its token could be a leading performer by 2025. Therefore, keeping the optimistic market approach in mind, it could be an excellent opportunity to buy Dash 2 Trade crypto

Who Is The Team Behind D2T?

Envisioning the Dash 2 Trade concept are a few professionals who have come together to revolutionise trading. They are: 

  • Duco van Rossem – CPO
  • André Ferreira – Development Lead
  • Joarley Moraes – Senior Backend
  • Jarmo van de Seijp – Web 3 Engineer
  • Emiliano F – Quant

This team is sitting at the core of operations over the D2T platform. Additionally, they are also backed by the Learn 2 Trade team.

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

How To Buy Dash 2 Trade With Credit Card

While the token is currently on its presale, there’s no way to purchase it from any other exchange besides its website. However, once the presale ends and the token is listed in an exchange, you could buy the token with a credit card. 

To do the same, you must add your credit card details under the payment section of your chosen exchange. Once done, proceed with the purchase of D2T and confirm the transaction. 

Note: Using a credit card for purchasing cryptocurrency might attract additional charges.  

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

Can You Buy Dash 2 Trade With PayPal?

Once the D2T token has its ICO, it’ll be possible for PayPal users to purchase it. First, however, if you’re a beginner searching for D2T how to buy on PayPal, you might want to follow these steps: 

  1. Set up your PayPal account: The first step to buying Dash 2 Trade crypto is to open your PayPal account. To do the same, you need to visit their platform, enter your details, and get registered. Once done, you’ll need to verify your account to move to the second step.
  2. Look for D2T: The second step requires purchasing the D2T token from the PayPal marketplace. So once you’re on your dashboard, move to the ‘Crypto’ section and choose ’Dash 2 Trade’ among the list of options available.
  3. Fund your account: Once you have chosen the amount of D2T tokens, move under the payments section of the tab. You’ll be required to add your bank account details or provide your credit or debit card to complete the purchase. 

Once the steps are followed correctly, you’ll have the D2T tokens in your wallet. 

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

How To Buy Dash 2 Trade With Bitcoin

To buy the D2T token during its presale, you must first follow the steps mentioned in the initial sections of the blog. However, a difference here would be to swap your BTC tokens for ETH and then proceed with the linking of your account. 

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

Through What Exchanges Can You Buy Dash 2 Trade in South Africa?

If you’re an investor looking for where to buy Dash 2 Trade in South Africa, you might be surprised to know that several exchanges allow you to purchase the token. 

Here are a few exchanges where you could be purchasing the D2T token:

  • Gate.io 
  • Binance 
  • LBank 
  • Changelly Pro 
  • Uniswap

Cryptos can be a risky investment. Invest Wisely!

What Tokens Can Be Used To Buy Dash 2 Trade?

The D2T token is currently on its presale and can be purchased using either ETH or USDT. However, if you have another token in your wallet, you should swap the token for ETH or USDT to proceed with the presale investment. 

Other Presales To Watch in 2023

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

memag homepage

Kicking off our list of presales to look out for in 2023 is Meta Masters Guild, a dedicated Web 3.0 gaming platform that aims at taking the industry to the next level. Thanks to the unique concept of the platform, Meat Masters Guild aims to develop a ground zero for decentralised Blockchain games.

As per its whitepaper, MMG, or Meta Masters Guild, is a mobile-based platform that leverages the Play-and-earn (P&E) mechanism. Players signing up for the platform can earn crypto tokens by completing various tasks and in-game missions. 

Sitting at the core of operations over the MMG platform is the MEMAG token. The ERC-20 is designed to assist players in streamlining operations over the platform and power in-game rewards systems in the ecosystem. Additionally, the token is set to be a means of re-investment over the platform. 

Regarding the presale opportunity, MEMEAG comes with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, of which 35% (350 million tokens) are allocated to the presale event. The other 15% (150 million of the total supply) is reserved for exchanges and liquidity. In addition, the project has also allocated over 50% of its supply to the platform’s development, among other aspects. Interestingly, all of these tokens are unlocked and vested linearly between 36-48 months.

Besides, Meta Masters Guild’s MEMAG token has already begun its presale and is currently available for $0.007 in its first stage. The platform will continue to increase the price of its token through different stages of the presale, eventually rising to $0.023 by its seventh and final stage, marking a 228% increase on its current price. 

As a result, investors are rushing to put their money into the project and witness a considerable increase in their investment by the end of the presale. Lastly, the project’s presale will end on January 19, with MMG already registering itself as a high-potential project. 

Your money is at risk.

Fight Out


Next on our list of the top presale picks for 2023 is Fight Out, a unique M2E (Move to Earn) project that focuses on revolutionising the fitness industry with Blockchain. The platform focuses on incentivising users based on their movements and once they complete different challenges over the platform. 

The project looks to tap into the lifestyle-centred Blockchain industry as it has amassed a significant following over the last few months. Interestingly, Fight Out isn’t any other addition to the list of similar projects like STEPN and SweatCoin. Instead, the platform takes the fitness industry to the next level by introducing a hybrid approach. 

Once signed up, users can access interactive workout videos and opt for customised workout programs that would increase their fitness level and add to their mental endurance. For every successful activity, users receive the platform’s second token, REPS which can later be converted into Fight Out’s native FGHT token. 

What’s more? To add to its real-world utility, Fight Out has several gyms in prime locations and has agreed to add UFC stars like Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas to train the users better.

Regarding the project’s tokenomics, Fight Out is excellent for investors who want easy access to affordable assets. The project has allocated 30% of its total 10 billion FGHT supply to public sales. Additionally, a further 15% of the supply is allocated to the bonus scheme. Overall, its increased demand and limited supply are likely to increase the value of the project.

Fight Out’s FGHT token is currently in the first stage of its presale and has already raised over $2.8 million. Interestingly, investors who can invest in its early stages can enjoy up to 50% returns by the time the presale ends.

Your capital is at risk

C+ Charge


The third option on our list is C+Charge, a Blockchain-backed solution that encourages green movement. The project aims to shift the paradigm by adding a real-life utility factor that will boost the use of green energy in the automobile sector. Manufacturers reap all the benefits of carbon credits, while drivers receive none. 

Interestingly, this is where C+ Charge enters as a differentiator and changes the paradigm. The project focuses on introducing transparency in the EV industry, aiming to reach uniformity between the money charged at EV stations and providing a unified payment gateway for EV car drivers, manufacturers, and participants from other sectors. 

Once signed up, users get access to C+Charge’s mobile application to locate EV stations in their proximity. The application also provides them with information on the rates and the waiting time at such stations. So every time a user locates their nearest EV and uses the services, they are rewarded in CCHG tokens and carbon credits. 

What’s more? The application tracks a driver’s credit carbon balance and the CCHG token under them. Additionally, while the project provides tokens and information to the users, it offers real-time data to the EV station owners, allowing them to run diagnostics tests and pricing information that was earlier challenging to obtain.

Talking of its presale, C+Charge recently listed its CCHG tokens for stage 1 presale in December 2022. Currently available at $0.013, the token will move to $0.0165 in the second stage and will continue gaining value as the token’s presale moves higher. So if you’re an investor wanting to reap up to 40% profits during the presale stages, now might be the right time to invest in the token.  

Your capital is at risk


Next up, we have RobotEra, another Blockchain gaming project that successfully got the investor’s attention in the past months. The game aspires to be a platform like The Sandbox where every user will have limitless possibilities to enhance their gaming experience. 

Based on the TARO planet, the game will see its users assuming the role of NFT-based robot avatars that will secure different resources to rebuild their abandoned planet in the Metaverse. The game is divided into seven campaigns with 10,000 limited Robot NFTs, adding rarity to their value.  

Players can move around the planet and collect resources to build different buildings and structures. Interestingly, players can also acquire lands and develop real estate over the platform that NFTs will back. 

What’s more? Once the player has accumulated enough TARO (in-game token of the platform), they can participate in airdrops and vote on the platform’s future development via its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The platform also has an in-game marketplace where the users can buy, sell, or trade the TARO tokens or other digital assets. 

Talking about its presale, the project will hold three rounds of its campaign, each having 90 million tokens for purchase. Additionally, RobotEra began the first presale round in November 2022, where the token was available at $0.02 USDT. 

Similar to the other presale events, TARO is also based on an increasing presale, where each round will witness the appreciation of the token’s value. Lastly, the final stage will notice a price difference of 40%, so users investing in the first round will already have significant profits before the token is listed for any presale.  

Your capital is at risk



Concluding our list of the top presales to invest in 2023, we have Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. This tournament-style card game is known to take inspiration from Pokemon dual battles where players compete against each other to accrue digital assets which are backed by NFTs, presenting complete control of the owners. 

Interestingly, both regular and crypto gamers can participate in the project. Users can download the free version from the App or Google Play Store. In addition, Calvaria provides alternatives and informs you of the advantages of selecting P2E rather than pressuring you to acquire cryptocurrency tokens and NFT in-game assets. 

Or, they can sign up for the P2E (Play to Earn) version and battle with other players or different AI opponents under the single-player campaign. What’s more? Gamers also have the option to participate in rich prize pools and seasonal tournaments.

Additionally, every card in the game represents an NFT that can be used outside the Calvaria ecosystem or traded on third-party platforms like Rarible and OpenSea. As per the project’s whitepaper, Calvaria is based on the ‘afterlife’ concept, which makes it a unique proposition. 

Now, regarding its presale, Calvaria had recently listed 15% of its total supply of 1,000,000,000 RIA tokens for an upcoming presale event. The project has enjoyed great success in the initial stages of its presale, raising over $2.5 million in different stages. 

At the final stages of its presale, investors can buy less than 10 million RIA tokens. However, they’ll cost you $0.0325 (a 225% increase from stage 1). Lastly, since the presale will end on January 31, 2023, now might be your final chance to participate in the project. 

Your capital is at risk

How To Buy Dash 2 Trade in South Africa 2024– Conclusion

This brings us to the end of our blog on how to buy Dash 2 Trade in South Africa. With this, the blog provides you with all the necessary information on the basics of the project, its fundamentals, and the unique concept that backs it. Remember, the D2T tokens presale expires on 31st January, and now might be the best opportunity to invest in the token. 

However, considering the market’s volatility, it’s best to buy D2T only once you’ve acquired enough knowledge of the project and its team. All the best! 

Your capital is at risk



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